• PAPER #18: Everyday Illusions
    Hermione Allsopp / Alan Baker / Carole Cluer /
    Michelle Rheeston-Humphreys / Conor Rogers / Jenny Steele
    Eleanor Watson / Rachel Wrigley
    8 November – 13 December 2014
    Everyday Illusions explores the relationships that we form with our surrounding environment: from the spaces that we inhabit to the objects that fill it. The artists in this exhibition use a variety of approaches to construct and destruct illusions of reality. The exhibition includes Hermione Allsopp, shortlisted for Mark Tanner Sculpture Award 2013; Conor Rogers, shortlisted for John Moores Painting Prize 2014, and Eleanor Watson, shortlisted for Cynthia Corbett’s Young Masters Arts Prize 2014.
    Through collecting and photographing domestic objects from charity shops, Hermione Allsopp’s collages inform her sculptural practice and affect the way in which she interacts with the objects. Hermione re-creates the objects into new forms or compositions and explores how the home or house links to the body and mind. The space between things can be seen as a place of uncertainty or indecision: a space of transition. For Hermione, the charity shop object occupies this place, awaiting reuse or death as refuse or trash. Similarly, Rachel Wrigley uses photographic imagery taken from glossy magazines to manipulate, deconstruct, and distort the architecture and objects that are depicted within them. In undertaking this process, she invents new forms and provides a distorted version of reality, investigating space as a moveable, impermanent fixture.
    Through drawing, both Carole Cluer and Alan Baker invite the viewer to create narratives around the work. Carole Cluer’s work explores whether it is possible to create memories through the act of drawing. Carefully drawn from her imagination, various ephemera give weight to the unreal through trompe l’oeil style effects. Carole constructs an alternative future or past within various objects such as a hat, a coat or a wallet, each meticulously recreated by hand in pencil. Similarly, Alan Baker creates sculptural assemblages from objects kept around the house that are intended to trap animals. He then documents these items through the process of drawing. As part of his Trap and Snare series, Alan captures the tension between each of the delicately poised objects, exploring the boundary between where wild animals become domesticated or agricultural.
    For Everyday Illusions, Michelle Rheeston-Humphreys will produce a site-specific work. The installation of the piece will camouflage into the surrounding environment of the gallery. Inspired by the overlooked and ordinary, her trompe l’oeil style works address various themes of paradoxical realism; by exploring the wonder of encountering objects and images that twist our expectations, Michelle creates temporary, fragile realities or truths -- just stable enough to convince the viewer of their materiality.
    Painting directly onto found objects such as beer mats and cigarette packets, Conor Rogers’ photo-realistic depictions of everyday life emerge from an ‘argument’ between the illusionism of the image and the substrate of the paintings. However, Conor relates the place the object was found to the scene depicted, creating an entwined narrative between object and image. In contrast, Eleanor Watson paints empty spaces allowing for the room and its contents to set a scene for stories. The objects described in varying detail are given a similar weight to props on an empty stage, retaining a likeness to the printed image.
    Jenny Steele’s screen prints reflect on modernist sea front buildings from the North West of England; such as Blackpool Casino and Pleasure Beach, The Midland Hotel in Morecambe and New Brighton Palace in the Wirral. Jenny is fascinated by these examples of grandiose seaward looking architecture built in the 1930’s mid war leisure boom, when the coast was envisaged as a holiday utopia away from everyday toils.
    The artists presented in Everyday Illusions offer varying insights into ways of working with the familiar, the uncanny, the everyday, the banal, and illusionism; creating and changing objects and spaces to demonstrate their ideas and thoughts. 
  • PAPER #16: The Functionality of Thought
    Allan Bech / Mike Chavez Dawson / Jenny Core / Aly Helyer / Shinbo Hiroshi / Paraic Leahy / Sharon Leahy-Clark / Richard Meaghan / Hannah Wooll / Wen Wu
    Exhibition dates: 20 September – 1 November 2014
    In 1924 Andre Breton wrote the first Manifesto of Surrealism, in which he defines surrealism as: "Pure psychic automatism by means of which one intends to express, either verbally or in writing or in any other manner, the actual functionality of thought. Dictated by thought, in the absence of any control exercised by reason, free of any aesthetic or moral concern." For the exhibition The Functionality of Thought we have asked several contemporary artists for whom these ideas remain prevalent in their practice today to further explore ideas of surrealism.
    For Richard Meaghan to express in painting 'the actual functionality of thought' requires complete freedom to explore the far reaches of his imagination. These thoughts cannot stay in an automated state and so must take on the role of something more considered in becoming a fully realised work of Art. Allan Bech’s works are often described as surreal and metaphoric. He works within the fields of the irrational and subconscious which is most apparent when pencil is applied to paper. His beautifully detailed works are a catalogue of the mundane events of the everyday. Hannah Wooll’s work has always been concerned with imagery that is slightly off kilter, exaggerated or fabricated. The paint itself is as powerful an enticement as the carefully chosen imagery, existing to be just a painted mark, which in itself lends a surreal layer of reference.
    Jenny Core’s works are time led and explore performative processes. What remains is a mark of an object that once existed, a moment captured in time. These created forms have then been manipulated and appropriated to create playful narratives. Sharon Leahy-Clark allows the work to grow organically without editing so that the poetic qualities of the materials used is shown and all working processes and natural accidents are left visible; nothing is erased. This way of working references the Freudian idea and surrealist practice of ‘free association’. Aly Heyer’s painting process is a mixture conscious and unconscious decisions, chance happenings and a stream of conscious episodes. Automatism is a catalyst and part of her initial process, a way of generating images that go beyond a representation.
    Shinbo Hiroshi creates wonderfully surreal tableaux that are drawn from the inner depth of his imagination. Hiroshi is dictated by thought, free of any aesthetic or moral concerns and therefore truly expresses the functionality of thought through his Suiboku-ga (Ink Painting). Wen Wu follows her intuition to incorporate and juxtapose her own elements into reproductions of classical artworks. She creates a new narrative leading to surreal results that explore her ideas about the mysteries of the universe. There is an absurd logic to the paintings of Paraic Leahy, a sort of magic realism that deviates from the familiar. The mutations present in these portraits are implausible and outlandish yet obedient to certain mathematical principles we might call unifying laws. 
  • PAPER #15: Unstable Ground
    Curated by Simon Woolham
    Exhibition Dates: 2 August – 13 September 2014
    Annabel Dover - Laura Oldfield Ford - Reece Jones - David Miles
    George Shaw - Stephen Walter - Lisa Wilkens - Simon Woolham
    Unstable Ground considers how drawing methods are related to experiences of autobiographical memory. The exhibition features new work from a number of artists who explore memory within their work, including Turner Prize nominee, George Shaw, Laura Oldfield Ford, who was recently included in Ruin Lust at Tate Britain, and Comics Unmasked at the British Library, Lisa Wilkens who exhibited in Paper at Saatchi Gallery.
    Unstable Ground is a group show that explores the perplexing, the fragile, the experiential, and the direct relationship between the paper surface and the representation and manifestation of memory. Focussing on the autobiographical memory of each artist, their works create an emotional dialogue between place, drawing methods, and the mediation between vision, hand, and brain. 
    The artists presented in Unstable Ground offer insights and glimpses into these important, discursive processes. They each have a relationship with the concept of Unstable Ground in a variety of ways, from Stephen Walter and Laura Oldfield Ford’s urban mappings, revealing the hidden and complex political and poetic narratives of human life, to Annabel Dover and Lisa Wilkens’s ‘drawn out’ relationship with the memories of personal objects and places. This is revealed in the works on many levels. The image that is immediately presented in all these works is the first of many layers. Unstable Ground attempts to dig deeper, present and open up a dialogue with seams of artistic, social and political signifiers. 
  • PAPER #14: Frances Disley - Exploring PAPER
    Exhibition dates: 14th June 2014 – 26th July 2014
    Opening Times: 11am – 5pm every Saturday
    We are pleased to announce that Liverpool based artist, Frances Disley has been selected for Exploring PAPER, a self-initiated 6-week residency based within PAPER. PAPER will hand-over the gallery space to Frances, asking her to explore and interpret ‘Paper’ and ‘Place’ in its widest context. Frances will use PAPER as a studio, creating new work in the space over a 6-week period. Every Saturday during the residency period, from 11am to 5pm, Frances will open the studio to the public and allow them to see how her ideas are progressing and learn more about her work. She also wants to create multiple works of art that can be given away to visitors to PAPER.
    Frances is currently exploring the notion of presenting artworks in a state of flux, unresolved and tipping into the next stage of transformation. She would like to expose at what point an artwork becomes an actual piece of art and the mechanisms an artist employs to make this process possible. Frances intends to explore the idea of paper's association with planning and thought. She will explore the potential of paper throughout her residency, pushing and pulling it from sketches, notes, maquettes, and substrates for prints, whilst also using it to mimic other processes and equipment. Frances enjoys the idiosyncratic notion of the artist’s studio as a machine that ultimately produces components for an artwork with the artist as foreman.
    Frances completed her printmaking masters at the Royal College of Art in 2004. She is based at the Royal Standard and lecturers at Liverpool Hope University. She is also manager of the Bluecoat print studios in Liverpool.
    In January 2015 Frances will present a new body of work developed from her residency in PAPER. This exhibition will be the culmination of her Exploration into PAPER.
  • PAPER #13: Jemima Brown – Untitled Profile Pictures
    Exhibition dates: 26th April 2014 – 7th June 2014
    Private View: Thursday 24th April 2014, 6-9pm
    Opening Times: 11am – 5pm every Saturday
    PAPER’s solo presentation of drawings by Jemima Brown’s assembles a project that Jemima has been developing since 2009. Jemima’s practice in sculpture, installation and drawing investigates social structures and personal and political histories. Using a wide variety of media she uses suggested narrative and social critique in order to orchestrate the complex visual narratives involved in self-creation.
    Untitled Profile Pictures is an ongoing drawing project in which Jemima has experimented with the visual translation of a virtual social structure in a series of drawings of Facebook profile pictures. From the lo-res pixilated images of ‘profile pictures’ she has made to date nearly 200 drawings of her own Facebook friends (always choosing an image from their profile pictures in order that the choice of image is their choice for a public image). For her presentation at PAPER, Jemima will show a selection of these drawings selected from PAPER’s and Jemima’s mutual Facebook friends. Over the past six months both PAPER and Jemima has been inviting people to add Jemima as a friend or ‘like’ her Untitled Profile Pictures page on Facebook and the exhibition will be made from a selection of those people who put themselves forward. 
  • PAPER #12: Susannah Douglas & Bethan Hamilton –
    Party Favours
    Exhibition dates: 8th March 2014 – 19th April 2014
    Private View: Friday 7th March 2014, 6-9pm
    Opening Times: 11am – 5pm every Saturday
    PAPER’s first two-person exhibition of 2014 brings together two gallery artists, Susannah Douglas and Bethan Hamilton. Both work in graphite, producing hyperreal works that discuss the relationship between photography and found imagery on the internet.
    Susannah’s drawings play on our shared memories. Susannah’s work centres around drawings developed from collaged photocopies of anonymous internet images.  The drawings exaggerate processes of repetition and conventions of posed portraiture, whilst maintaining the nostalgic desire for the unique hand-crafted work.
    Bethan Hamilton’s work is an exploration of female sexuality, identity and body image through mark making. For her exhibition at PAPER, Bethan has drawn from an ongoing series of portrait drawings using found imagery of women consuming a variety of foods, taken from the internet. Contrived, sleazy publicity shots of actresses eating ice cream juxtaposed with animalistic snapshots of competitive binge eaters. She seeks to further examine the contradictory attitudes towards the female form and the exploitation of men and women’s physical desires within the media and popular culture.
  • PAPER #11: Rachel Wrigley – Staring at the Artex Ceiling
    Exhibition dates: 18th January 2014 – 1st March 2014
    Private View: Thursday 23rd January 2014
    Opening Times: 11am – 5pm every Saturday
    PAPER will be kicking off the new year with the first solo exhibition by Rachel Wrigley. Rachel was selected for PAPER’s first Artist-in-Residence scheme Exploring PAPER in 2013. The 6-week residency encouraged Rachel to focus on her practice by exploring and interpreting ‘paper’ and ‘place’ in its widest context. 
    Supported by the Arts Council of England, ‘Staring at the Artex Ceiling’ culminates the works that Rachel completed during and after her residency. Rachel’s work crosses the boundaries of drawing and sculpture, employing found imagery; she instigated these processes into her practice during her summer residency at PAPER. By embracing paper and its potential as a sculptural material she has applied paper-folding techniques to images to achieve a sense of illusion. Changing the usual forms expected from architecture and objects, Rachel hopes to provide a distorted version of reality, investigating space as a moveable, impermanent fixture.
  • PAPER #10: End of the Line
    Alice Bradshaw - Jenny Core - Andrea Cotton - Susannah Douglas -  Bethan Hamilton - David Hancock - Phill Hopkins – Naomi Lethbridge -  Hayley Lock - Richard Meaghan - David Miles - James Moore - Narbi Price - George Shaw - Richard Shields - Jenny Steele - Pär Strömberg - Barbara Walker – Graham Watson - Simon Woolham - Hannah Wooll - Dawn Woolley - Wen Wu
    Private view: Saturday 7 December, 6 – 9pm
    Exhibition dates: 23 November – 21 December 2013
    PAPER #10 is a presentation of gallery artists and newcomers to PAPER. PAPER #10 will coincide with Open Studio at Mirabel Studios and a presentation of Northern artists by the Contemporary Art Society within the studio’s project space, PS Mirabel. The exhibition will include works from Hayley Lock, David Miles, Barbara Walker and Richard Meaghan who joined PAPER earlier in the year. Barbara Walker was selected by Modern Painters as One to Watch last year and we are pleased to be exhibiting a new series of drawings produced especially for PAPER. We will also have lithograph prints by John Moores Prizewinner, Narbi Price, Turner Prize nominee, George Shaw and Stockholm based Pär Strömberg. Also included in the show are new works by Phill Hopkins who is currently exhibiting in Catalyst: Contemporary Art & War at the Imperial War Museum North and Susannah Douglas who has been selected for this year’s Jerwood Drawing Prize.
  • PAPER #9: – interim PAPER
    Sarah Baker - Sara Davies - Anna Frew  - Jan Fyfe  - LOkesh Ghai Sarbjit Kaur  - Ralph Mills - Liz Mitchell - Mary Stark - Howard Read - Tilo Reifenstein - Simon Woolham - Derek Trillo
    A research ‘reader’ will accompany this exhibition with a text by Laura Guy
    PAPER presents the work of thirteen individuals currently undertaking postgraduate research within MIRIAD, Manchester School of Art. Bringing together their diverse enquiries under the title ‘interim’ the exhibition describes a series of projects currently in progress.
    The gallery provides an intimate context as each exhibit locates a liminal space that is somewhere between thought and action, uncertainty and resolution, private study and public dissemination. 
  • PAPER #8: Rachel Wrigley - Exploring PAPER
    Rachel Wrigley has been selected for PAPER’s first Artist-in-Residence scheme. Exploring PAPER is a 6-week residency based within the gallery space that asks the artist to explore and interpret ‘Paper’ and ‘Place’ in its widest context. Rachel will use PAPER as a studio, creating new work in the space over a 6-week period. Every Saturday during the residency period, from 11am to 5pm, Rachel will open the studio to the public and allow them to see how her ideas are progressing and learn more about her work.
  • PAPER #7 'Performing Paper'
    PAPER Director Nicola Smith has selected works and invited artists to respond to the theme of Performing Paper. Live art and performance artists have rejected the art object in favor of using the body as material. Documentation of the performance can become another way for the work to exist, on a flat surface, beyond the act itself. This show mixes different artistic practices, which use a variety of performance actions such as reading, speaking, cutting, pushing, displaying, collecting, and mapping. All of these actions use paper as a point of departure.
    PAPER #6
    Andrea Cotton and Naomi Lethbridge
  • ___________________________________________________________________________________________
    PAPER #5 'COPY'
    An exhibition curated by Sarah Kate Wilson
    15 artists have explored the medium of the photocopy to create new works. This is the first show where we have handed over the space to an artist to transform the gallery with their own unique take on 'paper'.
  • Image gallery from the opening of COPY, Paper #5
    PAPER #4
    Leanne Richardson & Lucy May Schofield
    PAPER will present the first of a series of two-person shows, starting with Leanne Richardson and Lucy May Schofield. For these two-person shows, PAPER will act as a incubator space, allowing an emerging artist their first exhibition or providing a more established artist, the opportunity to experiment.
    Lucy May has exhibited nationally and internationally for over ten years, and her work is held in a number of major collections including Tate and the Yale Centre for British Art. She has also undertaken commissions for The Wellcome Trust, The V&A Museum of Childhood, Whitstable Biennial and Manchester Central Library.
    Leanne has recently graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University. Since joining the gallery, Leanne has been working on this new series of works to be presented exclusively in PAPER #4.
  • Image gallery from Paper #4
  • PAPER #3
    Selling Studio
    PAPER #3 show will coincide with the annual Selling Open Studio at Mirabel Studios and the launch of a new project space ps Mirabel. New Paper artist Poppy Green will be creating an outdoor site-specific installation at the opening and will be showing original and printed works in the gallery. We will be showcasing Hole Edition prints by Simon Woolham, John Moores Prizewinner, Narbi Price, and Turner Prize nominee, George Shaw.
  • Image gallery from Paper #3
  • PAPER #2:
    All Your Women Things
    6 October – 17 November 2012
    Fulya Çetin / Anna Puhakka / Amanda Spawforth / Miranda Whall / Sarah Kate Wilson / Dawn Woolley / Wen Wu
    All Your Women Things is PAPER’s second exhibition. The exhibition focuses upon a group of female artists whose work subverts items stereotypically associated with the feminine. 

    PAPER #1:
    Open Studio and Paper launch
    will launch its new micro gallery with an exhibition of gallery artists. Focussing upon the notion of paper as a support, for the artists on show, the use of paper is integral to their practice. We have created a mix of emerging and mid-career artists, emphasising the dynamic between their multiple uses of this support in creating their art.

    The date of our exhibition Paper #1 will coincide with Mirabel bi-annual open studio event.

  •  Image gallery from Exhibition #1