PAPER Degrees
Line & Fold
For Space
Foreign Affairs 2 - Linda Weiss
BABE (Bristol Artist Book Fair)
Hazel Roberts
Sharon Leahy Clark - Not Afraid of the Dark
The Surface of Things
Rui Matsunaga
Ilona Kiss Prints
Ruby Tingle - The Land Is
London Art Fair 2017
Ilona Kiss
The Cat Show
Art Copenhagen 2016
The Manchester Contemporary 2016
Art on Paper - Simon Woolham
Hannah Connor
Carlos Vicente
Helena Olivera
Joe Beedles
Melissa Dolan
Claudia Alonso
Cecily Shrimpton
Amy Stevenson
Sarah Boulter
Katie Shaw
Stephanie Grundy
Vincent Bernier
Paper Dialogues
Narbi Price
Narbi Price Prints
Lisa Wilkens - Teken aan de Wand
Into the Deep Woods
Jeffrey Knopf
Art Athina - Vincent James
Sound and Vision
Narbi Price - Codeword
Lords of the Forest
Semiotic Guerrilla Warfare part III
Vincent James - The Grand Scheme of Things
Ruby Tingle
Semiotic Guerrilla Warfare
Lisa Wilkens - The Shadow of an Unseen Power
Vincent James - Exploring PAPER
Tracing PAPER
Interim PAPER
Performing PAPER
Selling Studio
All Your Women Things
Andrea Cotton & Naomi Lethbridge
Leanne Richardson & Lucy May Schofield
Phill Hopkins & James Moore - Generation Loss
End of the Line
Rachel Wrigley - Staring at the Artex Ceiling
Jemima Brown - Untitled Profile Pictures
Susannah Douglas & Bethan Hamilton - Party Favours
Frances Disley - Intermission
Everyday Illusions
The Functionality of Thought
Unstable Ground